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How to Create
Your Dream Kitchen! 


With Custom Built!

1. The Dream!
First, work your way through the questions in this newsletter.  Jot down all of your answers and more, everything you can think of that you want your Kitchen to be and do.

2. The Design!  
Next, sit down with Mike at Custom Built. We listen first.  Then we help you get the dream on paper. 

3. The Details! 
CB's Worry-Free Security Package has your project covered four ways:

A project management system that keeps things on schedule and within budget!

Unequaled Warranty on everything!

Clean, Efficient, drug-tested and background checked workers that care for every aspect of your home!

Names of past clients that you can call for references!

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Building Your
Inside & Out!

Questions To Ask When
Remodeling Your Kitchen
Quick Tips For Homeowners 

Step into any home and people are drawn to the kitchen: the smells, the sounds, the activity. The kitchen serves as a hub of activity in every household. When thinking of remodeling, begin by considering the following important questions.


What Is Your Budget?
It's important to know before you begin how much you want to invest in your kitchen. Knowing your budget at the start, keeps the project from getting tied up and prevents you from spending too much on design elements and not enough on practicality. Which leads to the second question.

How Do You Use Your Kitchen? 

Consider how your kitchen functions in your home; Do you spend a lot of time cooking? Do your kids enjoy helping? Does it also function as an office space or a hang out? Or perhaps you want it to open up to the family room or dining room. This helps determine the layout as well as any special features. For example, if you like to bake, consider adding a marble countertop, or if you often cook using a wok, this requires a quality range hood, or consider adding a raised countertop island for added seating.


Let's Talk Space and Lighting   

Many kitchens lack one or all of these basic needs. When considering your countertops, beyond work space, make sure you also take into account where your countertop appliances will be stored and where outlets are located. Now would be a good time to take inventory of everything stashed in your cabinets and discard those rarely used mugs and small appliances. When planning for new storage, make sure you can easily access materials used more often like blenders and mixers. And finally, make sure you have task lighting above work areas like the stove, sink and prepping countertops. You can install task or strip lighting, track lighting, hanging or under the counter lights.


Is It Easy to Move From Stove To Sink To Fridge?  

These three form a triangle of work flow and a good design limits anything from cutting them off from each other. Avoid narrow aisles or islands that isolate any of these three. Consider also where a dishwasher might be located in relation to the sink and any doorways or passages through the kitchen to keep open. Where will you put your trash, recycling and compost? Is it near an outside door?    


What Would You Like to Change?  

After budgeting for practicality and use, consider the style of your home and make sure your design choices fit. Is your home more traditional or modern? Consider also long-term consequences and growing families. Ask yourself, will this color still be in style 5 years from now? The average kitchen remodel should last 12-15 years. The last thing you want is your retro countertop going out of style before you've even finished paying for it.


Need Help Figuring it All Out? 
The ideas are endless and the options can be overwhelming.  Need help?  Custom Built has designed and remodeled numerous kitchens--from simple to gourmet.Photo of Michael
  Mike will help you sort through the best choices for your dream kitchen.  Custom Built has the experience and established track record to get your project done on time and within budget.  Just call Michael today for ideas!

Call Custom Built For all Your Remodeling Needs!



Thank you!  We really appreciate your business!

Chris & Mike
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